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Lightning Detection Network

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Kattron & AWS announce exclusive partnership for Australia, to introduce the Kattron Weatherbug Total Lightning Network. Installation of 21st century lightning detection and climate change monitors has commenced.more

Kattron Climate Change Monitor

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Kattron is installing Climate Change Monitors. more

Monitor Lightning in Real Time

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Knowing where lightning is occuring in real time can help you cut the effect it has on your business through loss or interuption of services and damage to equipment. more

Was it Lightning?

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Whether you are an Insurer, Assessor, or just want to know if there was lightning in your area on a specific date, Kattron can search their lightning database and produce a report for you. more

Where did Lightning Strike?

Kattron can perform analysis of the lightning activity that has been detected in your area showing trends and patterns. more

Kattrons Knowledge & Experience

In Australia, only Kattron has the knowledge & experience to provide interpretation of lightning data for all applications. Kattron's Lightning data and reports have been made use of in supporting investigations into events caused by lightning by organisations including insurance companies. In one case, Mr Kenneth Ticehurst, an electrical engineer and the owner of Kattron, provided evidence for "The Canberra Firestorm" Inquests and Inquiry into the fires of January 2003, regarding lightning strikes, and "the location of lightning strikes in the area of the origin of each of the four fires."

Below is an extract from the report "5.1 The origin of the fires. The origin of each of the four fires that are directly relevant to this inquiry….was the sub-ject of thorough investigation by Mr Phil Cheney.…The conclusions Mr Cheney reached are supported by the report from Kattron Lightning Data Search and by Mr Kenneth Ticehurst's evidence concerning the Kattron report. Mr Tice-hurst gave evidence that the lightning detection system Kattron operates is accurate to within 500 metres and that on 8 January 2003 the system recorded only one lightning strike within 500 metres of the point of origin of each of the four fires identified by Mr Cheney." (Source "The Canberra Firestorm: Inquests and Inquiry into Four Deaths and Four Fires between 8 and 18 January 2003" ,Chapter 5, p107 - the report is available from http://www.courts.act.gov.au/bushfireinquiry/The Canberra Firestorm Report/The Canberra Firestorm (VOL I) (chapter 5).pdf.)

Lightning Strikes Mine Dump Truck
In late 2007 a lightning strike struck a dump truck at a mine site in the NSW Hunter Valley blowing tyres off the truck. The report from the NSW Department of Primary industries- Mines Safety Operations branch is available at http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/204047/SA08-03-Lightning-strikes-stationary-truck.pdf

Image: mine truck